Unfiled Tax Returns Attorney in Dallas & Tyler, TX

Failure to file tax returns is a federal tax crime. It is imperative that you file your returns immediately. If you file the returns before the IRS makes contact with you, many times the IRS will not refer your case to Criminal Investigations Division for prosecution. No tax case is hopeless. The tax lawyer Scott Scammahorn of the Scammahorn Law Firm in Tyler, Texas can assist you with preparation of your tax returns as we have an in-house CPA to prepare your tax returns and work with many CPAs around the state, as well. The Internal Revenue Service is becoming more and more aggressive against individuals and small business owners. Do not let the IRS levy your bank accounts or seize your property. Contact a Tyler & Dallas tax resolution attorney today to handle your back tax issues in Texas. The Scammahorn Law Firm is your key to freedom from the grip of the Internal Revenue Service.

We serve individuals and businesses throughout Texas, including Tyler, Nacogdoches, Marshall, Longview, Palestine, Dallas, Fort Worth, Odessa, Abilene, and Plano. Once we have your past due tax returns prepared and filed, we will work with the IRS on your behalf to secure a resolution of your case, attempt to reduce your tax burden and put your tax problems behind you. Contact the Tyler & Dallas tax lawyer, Scott Scammahorn, of the Scammahorn Law Firm today to put an end to your IRS problems.