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Each year thousands of American taxpayers, both businesses and individuals, are threatened with penalties by the Internal Revenue Service. The issues you may face with the IRS include delinquent returns and payments, audits, and back taxes. If you have become the target of an IRS audit, or have received threatening letters from the IRS, it is important to act quickly in order to avoid any garnishment of your wages and bank accounts, and levies of your personal property – including your home.

Personal & Business Tax Lawyers at Scammahorn Law Firm

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IRS Audit

An IRS audit is every American’s fear. When that notice of audit arrives in the mail, the nightmare of the IRS rifling through your bank account statements, credit card statements and financial files begins and seemingly never ends. Document request after document request will follow even more document requests in an effort to wear you down and force you to give up. Do not face the audit alone. The IRS Examination Officer is focused on one thing: maximizing the amount of money you will owe the IRS. The IRS will not tell you how the law may benefit your case. They will simply deny deduction after deduction until they have essentially squeezed every last dime out of you. The tax attorneys at the Scammahorn Law Firm will use the law and experience to challenge the IRS on its findings, filing appeals and lawsuits when necessary. You will never be asked to meet with the IRS as the Scammahorn Law Firm will handle the audit process from start to finish. - Read More

Offer In Compromise Program

The Scammahorn Law Firm has saved taxpayers millions of dollars using the offer in compromise program offered by the IRS. Recent cases include an offer accepted in the amount of $2,500.00 on a liability of $180,458.00 and another offer accepted in the amount of $2,836.00 on a tax liability of $143,355.00. You can review more of our recent results by clicking here.
Scott Scammahorn holds an advanced law degree in taxation, and has a focus on fighting the IRS on behalf of taxpayers. He knows the IRS code, rules, and regulations just as well as the IRS does, meaning he is able to fight the IRS on your behalf, using their own rules and regulations and giving you peace of mind.
We have been handling tax litigation cases for over 16 years and ninety-five percent of our practice is IRS cases all handled personally by Mr. Scammahorn. As a client, when you call with a question, comment, or concern, you speak directly to Mr. Scammahorn; when you come to our office, you will meet with Mr. Scammahorn personally. He has a high rate of success in resolving IRS cases, and is well known for taking cases all the way - whether it is resolved at the initial stages, or through the appeals and litigation process, rest assured your case will get resolved.
Call The Scammahorn Law Firm today at - (903) 595-1000.


Why You Need a Specialist Tax Attorney in Dallas

The IRS Code is nearly 80,000 pages and extremely complex.

Because of this, the IRS often uses its knowledge of the code to intimidate and take advantage of taxpayers who elect to represent themselves. This is why it is imperative that you choose to retain an experienced tax attorney rather than fight the IRS yourself.
Scammahorn Law Firm handles cases that involve:
We have also been able to resolve cases through Partial Pay Installment Agreements, streamlined Installment Agreements, and Offers in Compromise. Many of our clients come to us when the IRS has already garnished their pay check or bank accounts. In most cases we are able to get the garnishment released immediately and put administrative procedures in place that will prevent the IRS from being able to seize any assets or bank accounts while the case is pending. We are able to delay collection activities – sometimes for years – while a case is being resolved. - Read More

Bank Levy Relief

The IRS has many tools at its disposal to take your money and leave you penniless. The bank levy is a common tool employed by the IRS. If you ignore IRS notices regarding your back taxes, the bank and wage levy will happen. You won’t realize it until your checks are returned for insufficient funds and all of your money on deposit is frozen. Don’t let this happen to you. The Scammahorn Law Firm will file appeals where appropriate and stop the IRS from levying your bank accounts, wages, and property. If the IRS has already issued a levy against your bank account or wages, the Scammahorn Law Firm will work with the IRS to remove the levies and resolve your tax problems. Contact the Scammahorn Law Firm today to put an end to the relentless collection activities of the Internal Revenue Service and resolve your IRS problems. We serve individuals and businesses throughout Texas, including Tyler, Nacogdoches, Marshall, Longview, Palestine, Dallas, Fort Worth, Abiliene, Odessa, Midland, San Antonio and Plano. Contact the Scammahorn Law Firm today at 903-595-1000.

Tax Litigation

Whether you are being threatened or sued by the IRS or you are taking action against the IRS, the issue needs to be handled with the knowledge, care and precision that only an attorney experienced in tax law can provide.
Scammahorn Law Firm advises taxpayers on every facet of IRS problems. Our practice focus is clear: IRS problems, tax litigation, and tax controversies, and we have developed and maintain a strong rapport with local Revenue Officers.
For example, if you owe back taxes, our taxation attorneys will represent you before the IRS. Such representation by Scammahorn Law means that you will never have to meet with, or speak to, the IRS. We fight the IRS on your behalf, with the goal being reducing the liability where possible, and ultimately resolving the case through either an Offer in Compromise or Installment Agreement, including Partial Pay Installment Agreement.
Most importantly, our in-house CPA is able to manage the accounting aspect of your IRS case and prepare and file tax returns on your behalf while our attorneys focus on the legal aspects of your case, representing you before the IRS and filing petitions before the U.S. Tax Court when necessary.

case results

When you demand results, you need a lawyer on your side.

The Scammahorn Law Firm, P.C. has attained outstanding results for their clients dealing with IRS Problems. While every case is different and ethically we cannot promise the IRS will accept your Offer in Compromise, please take a moment to review some of our most recent tax resolution results.

  • Tax Liability: $180,458 Offer Accepted: $2,500
  • Tax Liability: $109,308 Offer Accepted: $30,835
  • Tax Liability: $528,000 Tax Court Settlement: NO LIABILITY ($0)
  • Penalty Abatement Argued in Appeals: $168,289


Great IRS Tax Lawyer

  • "After having spoken with Scott about my IRS issues, I knew I was in good hands. These guys got results. I highly recommend Scott and his team."

    David S.
  • "Mr. Scammahorn is aggressive in protecting his clients' rights and is very attentive to detail! Mr. Scammahorn is very knowledgeable in tax law and other areas of law! Anyone's tax and legal needs will be handled well by Mr. Scammahorn and his staff"

    Tina B.
  • "We just cannot say enough about Scott and his staff. I’m 63 and have never encountered an attorney who will always and I mean always respond to a question you may have in a timely manner. That is something that is un-heard of in his profession. Our case played out like a bad TV show and took a great deal of time by Scott to resolve the issues. Scott not only kept the IRS off my back for some time, but resolved the issue of over $200.000.00 owed to a $13,000.00 settlement. We highly recommend Scott and his staff for any legal issues you may have."

    Keith K.
  • "My sincere appreciation to Mr. Scammahorn and his staff, always extremely cordial and professional yet offering and easiness while dealing with a client in a tense predicament. Utmost respect for the integrity with which he work in my defense. Highly recommended."

    Mike C.
  • "Mr. Scammahorn resolved our tax issues with a positive outcome. We really enjoyed meeting him and his staff were very professional. He will help you resolve your issues also. It was also resolved in a timely manner. Thank you Scott."

    Jane F.
  • "Outstanding group of people headed up by Scott. Did all he said he would do and more. My tax issue was handled by Scott exceeding my expectations. Job well done!!!"

  • "I used Scammahorn Law Firm for tax issues related to the IRS. Scott's level of knowledge, and confidence, about the best way to handle my situation was incredible and proved to be successful. Scott is honest and will clearly explain the best way to handle any tax issues that are being dealt with. The actual outcome of my case exceeded even the highest expectations I had at the beginning of the process and the whole situation was handled smoothly and efficiently. I would highly recommend Scott Scammahorn for any IRS issue you have and I believe he is an expert in this field."

    Wade C.
  • "Scott Scammahorn is fine gentleman who is professional, personable and an excellent attorney. All dealings with his firm's administrative staff were flawless. 5-Star. Grateful to you, Mr. Scammahorn!"

    Mary S.
  • "I highly recommend Scott Scammahorn for any of your tax issues. He is very professional, honest, and personable. He has done a great job handling the IRS concerning my tax issues."

    Kyle S.
  • "There is not enough room on the web to describe my appreciation for the new lease on life that Scott and his team gave me. I can assure you that I was a big problem case. His crew led me through this odyssey with compassion devoid of judgement. From the moment we started, they eased me out of sleepless nights and days clouded in hopelessness. I am not one to exaggerate. They chopped a mountain down with the edge of their hand and made a little sand. For me, they turned a life-long sentence of indebtedness into a quick resolution. They made me proud that I can now meet my obligations as a"

    Mark D.
  • "My wife Renee had an IRS issue and had hired some firm from Chicago to help handle it, they got her money and she got the run around for over a year. We found out about Scott through our CPA and met with him in Tyler. He explained all the issues and about how long it would take to possibly resolve the issue. Scott is always responsive to calls and emails. It took about 15 months but Scott got it resolved and saved Renee over $100,000.00! Great experience but hope we don't have to use him again because the IRS is a pain!! Thanks again Scott!"

    Gene R.
  • "Amazing results, hopefully we will never need them again but if we do, would certainly use this firm again. HIGHLY recommend Thanks."

    Jay E.
  • "Scott turned a $200,000 problem into a $4,000 solution! If you are fighting with the IRS stop now, wipe the blood off of your face and go hire Scott to win the war for you!"

    Johnny H.
  • "I would recommend Mr. Scammahorn for any IRS Tax issue. He was able to advise me on setting up a replacement agreement in which later the IRS canceled . I asked Mr Scammahorn to try and help me get a lump sum settlement in which he was successful. The amount of money I owed the IRS was about $46,000 and he was able to get my income assessment submitted. Mr Scammahorn settled my case with $500.00 pay off. If your seriously needing a great lawyer don’t hesitate to call him."

    Terry P.
  • "Scott and his staff at all times were professional and easy to get in touch with.  My emails were answered in a very timely manner.  I came to Scott with IRS problems.  He did exactly what he said he would do, resolved the issues to my favor.  I would recommend Scott to anyone with IRS issues."

  • "I would recommend Mr. Scammahorn for any IRS Tax issue. He was able to advise me on setting up a replacement agreement in which later the IRS canceled . I asked Mr Scammahorn to try and help me get a lump sum settlement in which he was successful. The amount of money I owed the IRS was about $46,000 and he was able to get my income assessment submitted. Mr Scammahorn settled my case with $500.00 pay off. If your seriously needing a great lawyer don't hesitate to call him."

    Terry P.
  • "This lawyer has handled personal and business issues for me over the past 10 years. I have recommended him to various friends, family members and employees with good results. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to anyone with legal issues."

    Jenny K.
  • "As an attorney, my civil litigation cases are contested.  In a recent lawsuit against Mr. Scammahorn's client, he fought agressively and accurately against me for his client, filing fast motions and objections to my pleadings and identifying weaknesses in our case, to our chagrin.  We could, however, trust each other to be straight, produce documents, and adopt realistic expectations for the case.  We settled fairly at mediation.  Every lawyer likes working with a competent, experiened, trustworthy opponent like Scott."

    J. Volberding, Esq.
  • "Scott helped us out of a sever IRS situation made more difficult by us having used one of those services you see on TV. He was affordable and did exactly what he told us he would do. No surprises."

    Jerry P.
  • "The Scammahorn Law Firm was an answer to prayer.  They were able to get me an amazing offer in compromise with the IRS.  I had lost my husband in 2011 and I had no idea what I was going to do with our tax problem.   Scott Scammahorn was excellent in helping me solve my IRS problem.  I would highly recommend Scammahorn Law Firm!"

    Judy H.
  • "I consulted with Scott regarding IRS tax questions. He is Honest, Professional, Knowledgeable and Fair. I recommend Scott Scammahorn for any tax issues. THANK YOU, Scott, for your tax advice!"

    Amy L.
  • "My case was taken care of efficiently and I was extremely pleased with the outcome. Scott and his staff were professional and good to keep me informed."

    Monta P.
  • "Scott has represented myself, my family, and my business on several occasions and the outcome in every situation was always 100% satisfactory. In today’s legal world it’s hard to conduct good business without a great attorney. Not only is Scott a great attorney, you will find him courteous, professional, and genuinely concerned about your situation. I would and have recommended Scott on several occasions and will continue to do so. Knowing that Scott is no more than a phone call or email away is always assuring."

    James H.
  • "Scott Scammahorn is an ethical attorney that prizes himself on working hard for each of his clients to meet their personal needs and objectives! Scott Scammahorn is compassionate and empathetic, while strong and confident in his expertise! Scott Scammahorn is my first and only choice for tax advice! Thank you Scott!!"

    Tina B.