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If you've received a notice concerning problems with your tax liability bill, have been notified of a tax lien on your property, or are facing legal allegations from the IRS, it is essential that you contact a tax attorney you can trust. Scott Scammahorn has been serving taxpayers in the Sulphur Springs, TX area for over 20 years by providing legal advice, litigation, and negotiations with the IRS on their behalf.

Don’t Face The IRS Alone

Few things are as complex and confusing as paying taxes. The frustrations and headaches only increase when dealing with a substantial amount of money or taxes for your business. If you've been contacted by the IRS and are not sure how to move forward, contact the Scammahorn Law Firm today. We can handle nearly any legal challenges you may face, including:

How Do I Know I Need a Tax Attorney?

Some IRS notices are simple and straightforward. You do not need to spend the time or money hiring a tax attorney for small issues, such as making a minor mistake on your return. For matters like these, you’ll find plenty of help at However, if you have received an official notice from the IRS regarding a federal tax lien or levy, impending audit, or demand for payment, we highly recommend seeking legal counsel. tax attorney Scott Scammahorn near Sulphur Springs, TX is ready to fight for you.

Do I Need a Tax Attorney or a CPA?

Generally speaking, the difference between a CPA and a tax attorney is that a CPA primarily deals preemptively with your tax issues by helping keep you compliant with tax law. A tax attorney most often gets involved post-crisis. If you need help filing your business taxes, a CPA is a great option. If the IRS has notified you of a levy on your account or you are facing criminal charges, a tax lawyer should be the first person you call. Some situations may benefit from the services of both a CPA and a tax attorney, such as an audit. If you do not know which type of assistance you need, please contact our office near Sulphur Springs, TX and we will be happy to help.

Why hire Scott Scammahorn as your Sulphur Springs Tax Attorney?

Schedule A Professional Consultation Today!

Don’t face the IRS alone. Contact the Scammahorn Law Firm near Sulphur Springs, TX to schedule your legal consultation today.

Please provide us with more information so that we may better understand your IRS problems. Upon receipt of your information, our tax attorney will review your information to determine if we can be of assistance, whether through an offer in compromise, an installment agreement, appeal of an IRS audit examination, or a lawsuit in Tax Court. One of our staff members will then contact you to schedule a confidential consultation with the attorney to discuss your options.

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