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Expert Tax Attorney For The Plano, TX Area

You may be familiar with the experience of checking the mail and finding a letter from the Internal Revenue Service. Receiving a notice of a tax lien, levy, or audit causes serious concern and panic for many individuals.

You don’t have to deal with the IRS alone. Scott Scammahorn is an experienced Plano, Texas tax lawyer who has helped countless businesses and individuals reduce their tax liability, prepare for an audit, and, occasionally, avoid a harsh prison sentence.

If you have a past due tax bill that has amassed significant interest and penalties, we can help. As a professional IRS tax lawyer, Scott understands the federal tax codes. He knows what the IRS can and cannot do, and he can protect your rights and help you get your life back.

You don’t have to feel anxious about your tax problems. Call our Plano tax attorney today to schedule a consultation and tax evaluation. We will advise you on your next best steps to prepare for your audit, release your lien, file for an offer in compromise, or otherwise deal with the IRS.

We Can Handle Your Tax Issues

As your local IRS attorney for Plano, TX, Scott can help you resolve the following tax issues:

Property seizures and levies

After issuing a formal notice, the IRS can take your property or garnish your bank account to cover the tax debt you owe. We understand that you’ve worked hard to acquire your vehicle, home, boat, and other property. Our IRS attorney understands the federal tax law and can protect your rights.

IRS audits

If you’ve been notified of an IRS audit, it’s critical that you are fully aware of what the IRS will be looking for and prepared to navigate the audit successfully. Contact Scott Scammahorn today for professional legal advice.

Federal Tax Liens

Before imposing a levy, the IRS will issue a lien against your property. This lien can be removed once your tax liability has been paid or you have made monthly payment arrangements. To keep from paying more than you really owe, you should consult with your tax attorney.

Criminal tax litigation

A criminal conviction of tax evasion or tax fraud can result in harsh prison sentences and many years away from your family. We provide criminal defense services for individuals facing tax crime allegations.

Offers in compromise

An offer in compromise can reduce your tax bill substantially so that you pay pennies on the dollar. Not everyone qualifies, but seeking advice from an expert tax attorney will provide you with your best chance at successfully filing an offer in compromise.

About Plano

Situated in Collin County in Texas, Plano is one of the best places to live in the Western United States, according to CNN Money magazine. This city is surrounded by nearby cities of Frisco, Allen, Carrollton, Parker, Dallas, Richardson, The Colony, and Murphy. It has a land area of 71.6 square miles and has a sub-humid tropical climate that brings hot and humid summers and mild winters.


The population of Plano in 2012 was estimated at 274,409 residents, 50.4% of whom were females. At that time, the median resident age was 36.7 years and the median household income was at $81,475, significantly higher than the Texas median household income. The average household size had 2.6 people, 70.1% of all its households consisted of families.

The median house value in Plano is above the state average.


Plano is home to many corporate headquarters of big industry players such as:

Major industries generate valuable employment and billions of dollars in economic activity in Plano. Many businesses here are engaged in professional, scientific, and technical services, computer and electronic products, broadcasting and telecommunications, construction, accommodation and food services, administration and support, and waste management services. Around 58,145 workers live and work in Plano.

The common occupations are software developers and programmers, engineers, sales representatives, financial managers, top execution positions, and managerial jobs.

IRS Problems In Plano

Economic growth such as that in Plano often means increasing incomes which the IRS constantly scrutinizes through IRS tax returns filed yearly.

It is possible for anyone to receive an IRS notice informing them of tax obligations arising from inaccurate returns or failure to file correct tax returns. Ignoring IRS notices can lead to bigger problems such as garnishment and levies.

If you or your business has received an IRS notice, dealing with the IRS directly can be a challenge if you lack knowledge of tax rules and regulations, and taxpayer rights and remedies under the law. Consult an IRS tax attorney immediately to prevent losing hard-earned money and property to penalties, surcharges, and interest charged by the IRS.

In Plano, Texas, attorney Scott Scammahorn has an advanced law degree in taxation and more than 16 years of tax litigation experience. This law firm has helped clients by handling all aspects of tax resolution including IRS tax liens and levies, offers in compromise, payment plans, and innocent spouse relief, representing clients as well before the IRS.

We invite you to call us today at (903) 595-1000 to speak to an attorney about your IRS problem.

Please provide us with more information so that we may better understand your IRS problems. Upon receipt of your information, our tax attorney will review your information to determine if we can be of assistance, whether through an offer in compromise, an installment agreement, appeal of an IRS audit examination, or a lawsuit in Tax Court. One of our staff members will then contact you to schedule a confidential consultation with the attorney to discuss your options.

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