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Whether you have a tax lien on your property, a levy on your bank account, or you are in the middle of a tax dispute, the Scammahorn Law Firm represents taxpayers and businesses who are dealing with the IRS. We provide legal counsel to help our clients dispute or settle their claims. Whatever legal tax issues you or your company are up against, don’t face the IRS without recruiting the services of a qualified tax attorney in Fort Worth, TX.

Don’t Face The IRS Alone

Tax attorney Scott Scammahorn has been settling IRS and tax disputes for his clients in Fort Worth, TX for decades. He has provided help to thousands of taxpayers and has worked with the IRS to substantially reduce or even erase his clients’ tax liability. In many cases, this not only safeguards their bank accounts from being depleted or their property from being confiscated, but may even protect them from a prison sentence.

Attorney Scott Scammahorn can help individuals in Fort Worth, TX with any tax liability issues they are facing, including:

How Do I Know I Need a Tax Attorney?

Not every letter from the IRS requires legal counsel. The IRS regularly sends taxpayers reminders if, for example, you forgot to file your quarterly 941 tax return for your business. In these cases, is a great place to find out exactly what steps to take to fix the issue. However, sometimes dealing with the IRS is much more complex and requires a thorough understanding of tax law as well as the ability to negotiate with the government. In these cases, it will often save you a lot of time, frustration, and money to trust a reputable Tax Attorney in the Fort Worth area with your legal challenges. A skilled tax lawyer can walk you through an audit, negotiate with the IRS, and may even considerably reduce your tax liability bill.

Do I Need a Tax Attorney or a CPA?

Hiring a CPA is an excellent option for preparing and filing your individual and business tax returns. However, when you have delinquent tax returns or owe money to the IRS, a CPA is not in the position to provide you with the legal advice you need or to negotiate an offer in compromise with the IRS. You should only trust a skilled tax attorney with experience and special education in tax law to handle your case with the IRS. If you’re still not sure whether you need a tax attorney, a CPA, or both, feel free to give us a call and schedule a confidential legal consultation with our tax attorney near Fort Worth, TX.

Is Hiring A Tax Attorney Worth It?

We invite you to review our tax litigation results and see for yourself. Our experts are often able to negotiate an offer in compromise, which makes the total tax bill plus attorney fees far less expensive than paying your tax bill in full without hiring an attorney. It is not uncommon for our tax attorney near Fort Worth, TX to save our clients $100,000 or more on their tax liability. Contact us to find out more about what we may be able to save you on your outstanding tax bill.

Why hire Scott Scammahorn as your Fort Worth Tax Attorney?

Schedule A Professional Consultation Today!

If you are facing tax issues or have recently received a or notice from the IRS, please do not attempt to handle the problem alone. Our skilled and experienced tax attorney near Fort Worth, TX can help you effectively fight the IRS, reduce or erase your tax liability, and give you peace of mind by handling the entire process for you, often without taking your dispute to trial. Contact the Scammahorn Law Firm today to schedule a legal consultation with your tax attorney.

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