Second Round of Form W-2 Scam Begins

Last year the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) warned tax payers of a form W-2 scam which targeted payroll and human resources departments. In late January 2017, the IRS renewed this warning after receiving new notifications that this email “spoofing” scam is making its away across the United States for a second time.

The IRS also warns that this scam seems to be evolving. Unlike the scam in late 2016, the latest scam is affecting a larger selection of industries and organizations.

What the Email Looks Like

The fake form W-2s will make it appear as if the company’s chief executive officer (CEO) is sending this phishing email to the payroll office or to a human resources employee. In the email the supposed CEO will ask for information including:

  • A list of employees
  • Social security numbers
  • Birth dates
  • Home addresses
  • Salaries
  • 2016 tax statements

If you have questions about any tax forms you receive, it is important that you call the IRS before submitting any information.

What to Do If You Have Been Accused of “Scamming” the IRS

As much as it is important to protect ourselves from cyber criminals, it is equally important that we protect ourselves in the event that we receive threats or penalties from the IRS.

The U.S. Tax Code is well over 10 million words in length. It would take the average tax payer eight hours a day for over a quarter of the year just to skim over the tax code. The IRS knows that the vast majority of tax payers have not read the tax code, let alone fully understand it.

If you have been threatened by the IRS, it is important that you remind yourself that you have the right to ensure that due process is followed. The IRS must take specific steps before it can initiate a levy on your property, garnish your wages, or take other action against you.

Should you have a complex case which involves litigation issues, liability issues, and/or involves several parties/organizations, you will be best served by contacting tax attorney Scott Scammahorn.

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