Lerner Declared Innocent in IRS Targeting Scandal

It was over two years ago when the nation’s Internal Revenue Service (IRS) found itself embroiled in controversy yet again when it was revealed that they had been intensely scrutinizing certain political groups applying for tax-exempt status based on their political names or themes. Known as “tea party targeting”, many individuals were involved in the scandal, with one of the most notable being the Director of the IRS Exempt Organizations division, Lois Lerner.

An Abuse of Power

As more information was made available to the public, it became clear that certain members of the IRS had allowed for additional and unjust scrutiny to be used against mostly conservative groups with names such as “patriot” or “tea party” included in their political names. Some liberal groups were also selected for additional review, but many accused the IRS of so-called “enemy hunting”.

Ms Lerner was at the center of this controversy and, despite giving her side of the story and providing a partial testimony, plead the Fifth when it came to her being questioned by anyone about her actions or her role in the controversy.

Lawmakers called for Lerner to resign, which she refused to do. She was placed on administrative leave and ultimately retired as of September 23 2013.

30,000 Emails Later and the Verdict Is…

30,000 of Lerner’s emails were recovered in November 2014, but it was at the end of October of this year when the Justice Department notified Congress of whether or not Lerner and other IRS officials would be charged. The investigation revealed that the Justice Department found no evidence of illegal activity and that there was no evidence of partisan targeting of any political group.

While there was obvious evidence of mismanagement and poor judgment on Lerner’s account (as she had used her IRS email account for personal messages), as the Justice Department stated, these actions are not a crime.

No One Is Bigger than the Law

When Mr. Scammahorn meets with clients, one of their most pressing concerns is how they can possibly fight against an institution as large and powerful as the IRS. As one can see from Mr. Scammahorn’s incredible track record in protecting the rights of everyday Americans against a number of tax related issues, the IRS is not bigger than the law.

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