New Documents Support IRS Tea Party Targeting

An American “watchdog” organization known as Judicial Watch has released a new batch of what are known as the “302” documents – documents which include detailed narratives of Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) agent enquiries. These were acquired through a Freedom of Information Act suit filed by the organization.

In these documents it is revealed that some of Washington’s top IRS officials, including Holly Paz and Lois Lerner, were aware that the agency was targeting conservative and “Tea Party” organizations for two years prior to this information being disclosed in May 2013. This revelation came about in response to a question at an American Bar Association Conference.

The release of these documents support the May 2013 findings which concluded that IRS agents had used inappropriate criteria when reviewing organizations which had applied for tax-exempt status.

IRS Inappropriately Targeting Conservative Groups

The documents revealed that in the summer of 2011 in Cincinnati, Internal Revenue Service (IRS) officials were targeting these conservative groups because of their political affiliation and ideology. Cases were being categorized based on the name of the organization and their ideology rather than the organization’s actual business.

Understanding the Audit Process

It is unlawful for the IRS to target groups based on their name, affiliations and ideology. This also applies to IRS audits filed by business owners and individuals.

What the IRS should do is compare a tax return against what is considered to be the “norm” for similar organizations or individuals. If your case is found to be outside of this “norm”, an experienced auditor should then review it.

At this point your case may be accepted and filed, or the auditor may have questions. A manager will review the questionable items and may accept the return, or return it to the assigned auditor. If the assigned auditor still has questions, he or she will then contact the taxpayer and schedule an appointment.

Standing Up to the IRS

Going up against the IRS is a daunting process, but it is one which you do not need to face alone. The Scammahorn Law Firm has helped American business owners and individuals fight against penalties and reduce fines for several years. Our experience in tax law has allowed us to protect the assets of business and homeowners.

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