Do Your Homework Before Hiring a Tax Attorney

Those who do not regularly deal with attorneys – particularly tax attorneys – may have the impression that we are all the same. One story published on the Forbes website last month disproved this theory however. In fact, without doing your due diligence and researching the attorney, you may find yourself a victim of a lengthy and financially draining tax scam.

San Diego Tax Man Behind Multiple Tax Fraud Schemes 

Recently, a man was permanently barred from providing tax advice for compensation, preparing federal tax returns, and working for businesses which provide tax returns or advice by a federal court in San Diego. The complaint states that on multiple occasions, the man impersonated licensed California tax attorneys. He used fake aliases to falsely represent himself as a licensed attorney and CPA in order to recruit customers and implement fraud schemes.

These schemes only represent a fraction of the man’s long list of offenses. The individual had resigned from the California bar in 1994 and lost his CPA license three years later after being convicted of tax evasion and other federal crimes – including Medi-Cal fraud and grand theft.

Finding a Reliable Tax Attorney

There are certain characteristics which every professional tax attorney and law firm possess, with the most important being their experience. At the Scammahorn Law Firm we have been handling tax litigation cases for well over 15 years now. Our experience with tax laws in this country are an asset to anyone who wants to enjoy the most positive outcome in their case.

One thing to consider is who, within the law firm, will be handling your case. Preferably you will have the best tax attorney in the firm working with you throughout the whole process. Here at Scammahorn Law Firm, ninety-five percent of all of the IRS cases we receive are personally handled by Scott Scammahorn.

Check Credentials

The final, and extremely important, thing to do – and one which was clearly ignored by those who hired the man in the story above – is that you need to check the attorney’s credentials.

Tax attorneys are armed with extensive knowledge of tax laws, which the unscrupulous will use to con and cheat the government as well as their clients. So obtain information about their licensing and credentials, get references, and do a background check to make sure he or she is a legitimate tax attorney. 

Our promise at the Scammahorn Law firm is to secure the best possible outcome for your case. We have a high rate of success in resolving IRS cases as well as other issues such as tax appeals and litigation. 

If you are facing a tax issue, we welcome your call today at (903) 595-1000.