Who to Call for Tax Litigation Questions: an Attorney or an Accountant?

If you currently find yourself faced with questions about your taxes or a possible impending tax litigation, it is important to bring these questions to the right person. You may be wondering if your tax issue would be better addressed by an accountant or by a tax attorney. If you already know that you need professional tax advice, you have a good start!

Accountants and tax lawyers offer different types of assistance, and both can be extremely useful to you depending on your needs. Here are some differences that you should consider in making your decision:

What an Accountant Can Do for You

An accountant is trained in financial planning and financial strategy and can be helpful as you begin to establish a plan for your finances and your taxes. Accountants are adept at providing straightforward tax advice and for providing assistance to you when filing your income taxes.

For simple tax preparation, a certified public accountant is a great resource to answer your questions and assist you with your planning and tax preparation.

What a Tax Attorney Can Do for You

A tax attorney is educated with an emphasis on studying taxation case law, legal research, and legal writing. If you are faced with tax litigation of any sort, an attorney is where you should focus your attention. Tax attorneys are skilled and experienced on issues of specialized litigation, appeals, and any other issues relating to potential liability.

If your questions are complex or relate to a possible lawsuit, contacting an attorney is the best route for your inquiries. This is even truer if you are faced with responding to tax claims or audits against you or your business. Tax attorneys are armed with extensive knowledge on tax codes and regulations, as well as tried and true strategies to prevail in a litigation setting.

Tax litigation is complex and you need an expert on your side giving you the best and most current legal advice. If you are being targeted by the IRS, today is the day to contact the skilled legal team at Scammahorn Law Firm. In addition to his law degree, our experienced attorney Scott Scammahorn holds an additional advanced law degree with a focus on tax litigation.

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