Two Men Named in Tax Fraud Indictment in North Texas

Two men – one from Dallas, Texas and another from Boston, Massachusetts, were arrested early last month and indicted on charges stemming from a number of mortgage and tax fraud offenses.

Both men were apprehended after an investigation involving the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and the Federal Housing Finance Agency’s Office of Inspector General (FHFA-OIG). Assisting in the investigation were representatives with Homeland Security Investigations (HIS), as well as Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

The indictment provides allegations dating back to September 2006, citing a number of fraudulent real estate transactions involving property in the Dallas area. In the indictment, the defendants are accused of submitting false or otherwise fraudulent statements and documents, including bank statements, W-2 statements, paystubs or employment letters.

Additionally, the indictment further alleges that, back in 2007, both men conspired to engage in bank fraud, involving mortgage loans specific to two additional residential properties.

Litigating Tax Issues

According to estimates from the IRS, roughly 17 percent of taxpayers fail to comply with the United States tax code in some way, shape or form. This includes situations involving negligence, which are, generally speaking, far less serious than those involving fraud.

Though tax issues are considered to be fairly complex, and perhaps intimidating, no tax case is truly hopeless. However, there are certain situations that require moving beyond administrative appeals or pre-trial negotiations. Typically, these are cases where every possible option has already been exhausted.

IRS-related tax issues, including those involving tax evasion or fraud, are taken very seriously by the government, and can carry hefty fines and penalties. However, agencies like the IRS also realize that the tax code is quite complex, and that many individuals can fall victim to honest mistakes or other negligent acts that might give the impression of criminal activity.

The important situation arises when a taxpayer does not attempt to resolve such issues, or when the line of criminal or fraudulent activity is crossed.

If you or someone you know stand accused of a tax-related offense, or if you are involved in a tax dispute with the IRS, finding a qualified tax attorney should be your first priority. Only an attorney specializing in this area of law can evaluate your situation and assess the best course of action, including recommending litigation, if necessary.

Finding a Tax Attorney in Tyler, Texas

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