Reasons You Need a Tax Lawyer for Your IRS Audit

While no one wants to be audited by the IRS, an experienced tax attorney can reduce the stress associated with an audit. Partnering with a lawyer can be key in any stage of an audit, whether you’ve just been notified about a pending audit or you have met with the auditor and recognize the need for legal guidance. A skilled tax lawyer will be on your side throughout the process, ready to serve as your guide as well as adviser.

Even if you haven’t yet been notified of an audit, but you have a complicated tax situation you fear may trigger an investigation, an attorney can help. By discussing your return with a legal professional, you reduce your odds of being audited. They will offer tips and suggestions based on your financial situation and the way you file your returns.

The Lawyer’s Role

Just like everyone’s financial situation is different, every audit is different. This is true in both the trigger of the audit and the outcome. An experienced tax lawyer knows what the IRS is looking for and can analyze your previous returns with this in mind. He will use this knowledge to build your case effectively giving you the best chance at a positive outcome.

If the lawyer’s investigation finds that your audit may be without merit, he may challenge the audit with the Appeal Division of the IRS or the U.S. Tax Court. By challenging the audit through this process, this could mean the auditor’s findings could be overturned before any additional taxes are assessed against you.

The Audit Process

The Internal Revenue Service auditors may need to see as far back as three years ago, meaning you will be asked to produce receipts, tax returns and other records substantiating income and deductions. These records will then be scrutinized by the examiner for irregularities. Thankfully, enlisting the help of the right attorney can help keep the audit narrowed on the issues, protect you from an over-zealous examiner, as well as reduce much of your stress.

An experienced lawyer is necessary during an IRS tax audit in order to ensure you are treated fairly and your rights are protected. To discuss your impending audit or to learn more about how to avoid causing your returns to be scrutinized, call Scammahorn Law Firm today at (903) 595-1000 to make an appointment.