IRS Investigates Race Car Driver’s Ex Over Alleged Tax Filing Discrepancies

Patricia Driscoll, the ex-partner of race car driver Kurt Busch, is reportedly being investigated by government agencies, including the IRS, for alleged discrepancies appearing in a non-profit foundation’s tax filings and audit reports and for alleged misuse of the foundation’s funds. Ms. Driscoll is the executive director of the Armed Forces Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to the support of military personnel and veterans.

Prior to the IRS investigation, Ms. Driscoll was involved with Nascar race car driver Kurt Busch who reportedly made several non-monetary donations to the Armed Forces Foundation. The couple parted ways after a much-publicized break-up with Driscoll alleging domestic abuse by Busch.

Alleged Funds Misuse

In addition to alleged tax returns discrepancies amounting to hundreds of thousands of dollars, Ms. Driscoll is also being investigated for allegedly using the foundation’s funds for her personal use. Ms. Driscoll has denied the allegations of misuse and tax fraud.

Discrepancies in IRS tax forms and IRS audit reports may lead to IRS action against the foundation and its responsible officers.

The Need for a Tax Attorney

If you should find yourself the subject of an IRS investigation or have received an IRS audit notice, you are entitled to taxpayer rights and remedies under the tax code.

When faced with IRS problems, consulting an IRS tax attorney at the earliest opportunity is important. He or she can evaluate your tax situation, provide crucial legal advice on handling IRS notices, represent you before the IRS, and seek taxpayer remedies available in your situation.

Timeliness is crucial when dealing with IRS notices. Inaction within a specified period from receiving an IRS notice can lead to serious consequences such as the imposition of huge penalties and surcharges, and loss of valuable property through levy or garnishment.

Your rights and remedies as a taxpayer may be found in the IRS Code which is a complex and voluminous collection of laws written in IRS language that a tax attorney readily understands.

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