93% of Mailed IRS Documents Contain Sensitive Information

In March 2009, the Office of Management and Budget mandated that the IRS discontinue sending out correspondence which contained a recipient’s Social Security Number unless it was absolutely necessary. A new audit performed by the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA), however, revealed that the IRS is receiving a failing grade in this area.

A Less Than 10% Success Rate

After reviewing 2,749 letters, 891 forms and 195 notices which were issued by the IRS to recipients, they found the following:

  • Only 58 letters had hidden or eliminated sensitive taxpayer data
  • Only 116 forms had hidden or eliminated sensitive tax payer data
  • Only 93 notices had hidden or eliminated sensitive tax payer data

According to this data, the IRS only protected the data of 267 documents which they sent out of 3,835 documents. That equates to 7% of all documentation being appropriately vetted and sent out to taxpayers.

What Else Are They Forgetting?

This audit shows how the IRS is failing to be diligent in reviewing and monitoring what they are sending out of their office. It leads many, including our attorneys at the Scammahorn Law Firm who specialize in IRS-related issues, to wonder what else they may be missing when sending out notices to taxpayers.

You Can Stand Up to the IRS

When our attorneys first meet with clients, many are skeptical and do not believe that they could possibly fight the IRS. However, we quickly put our clients’ concerns at ease during an initial consultation, and go on to discuss the many other previous claims which have resulted in positive outcomes.

In most cases, the best thing our clients can do is to stay in touch with the IRS. Failure to keep in touch may result in an increase in interest and the addition of more penalties.

For those in Texas, our next piece of advice would be to enlist in the help of a tax attorney, Scott Scammahorn. Time is on your side when you are dealing with the IRS, meaning that you have time to build a concrete strategy with us to reduce or fix any tax issues you are dealing with.

Despite the IRS working at a snail’s pace, do not underestimate the impact which not not handling your tax situation will have on you, your family or your business. The IRS may be slow to collect, but the more time you have to gather the necessary documentation to defend your case, the better.

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