Former Chevron Trader Receives Federal Sentence for Filing a False Tax Return

A former trader for Chevron Oil was recently sentenced in a Houston federal court for filing a false tax return. The man had faced up to 20 years in prison for his involvement in what prosecutors claimed was a kickback scheme related to his work as a trader. Learn more about this case below, and […]

Texas Lawyer Faces Fines, Jail Time for Massive Offshore Tax Scheme

No one is above the law, and no one can outwit the IRS forever, even lawyers. A grand jury recently returned an indictment against a Texas lawyer for allegedly hiding more than $18 million in offshore bank accounts. Learn more about the case against the lawyer, and contact a dedicated Texas tax fraud defense attorney […]

What Are the Tax Fraud Charges against Paul Manafort?

The tax fraud trial of former Trump campaign chair Paul Manafort has recently concluded, and jurors are in the midst of deliberating on whether to find him guilty on some or all of the 18 charges alleged by the Justice Department. Read on to learn about the crimes with which Manafort has been charged, and […]

Scammers Posing as IRS Agents Sentenced to Federal Prison

After years of defrauding US citizens while posing as IRS or US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) officials, over twenty individuals were sentenced to prison for their involvement in a widespread scheme that defrauded victims out of millions of dollars. Read on to learn more about this fraud, as well as tips on how to […]

Democratic Candidate for Governor Owes Thousands in Back Taxes

While it should come as no surprise to candidates in the internet age, if a politician running for major elected office has some controversial aspect to their life or past, the public is bound to learn about it. A scandal has come to light in the race for the governor of Texas, now that the […]

Man Acquitted of All Charges after Two-Week Tax Fraud Trial

An Ohio man who faced a potential sentence of 90 years in prison was recently acquitted of all charges after a two-week-long tax fraud trial. The man was accused of making false claims on behalf of the clients he served as a tax preparer. Read on to learn more about the case, and contact a […]

What You Should Know about Tax Changes in 2018

With tax year 2017 in the rearview mirror, it’s time to look ahead and begin to plan for 2018. Congress’ massive tax overhaul has implications for everyone who pays taxes in the US. These changes could affect choices you make during 2018, such as the amount you pay in estimated taxes, how you use investment […]

San Antonio Man Pleads Guilty to Wire Fraud and Tax Evasion Charges

A Texas resident who was indicted on federal criminal charges in September of 2017 has now pleaded guilty to wire fraud and tax evasion. Read on to learn more about the case, and contact a Tyler tax attorney if you’re facing federal tax charges. CPA uses tax withholding account to steal funds Brian Perez was […]

IRS Begins Revoking Passports for Those with “Seriously Delinquent” Tax Debts

The Internal Revenue Service has announced that, in January of 2018, it would begin enforcing a law that allows the US Government to revoke passport privileges for those with tax debs deemed “seriously delinquent.” Read on to learn more about the law and whether you’re at risk of having your passport revoked, and contact a […]

Houston Tax Preparer Sentenced to Year in Prison

A man who pleaded guilty to preparing fraudulent tax returns has recently been sentenced to federal prison and will also owe hundreds of thousands of dollars in fees to the IRS. The case is an example of the serious consequences that the Department of Justice can impose when the IRS believes a taxpayer has included […]