How to Resolve a Dispute with the IRS

Unfortunately, it isn’t unusual to find yourself at odds with the IRS, however there are a number of ways to resolve your tax worries without ending up in court. Five procedures to avoid litigation with the IRS Fast-track settlement. Allows taxpayers the opportunity to resolve audit issues during the examination process by using the mediation […]

Concerned about Tax Litigation?

Everyone dreads the heart-pounding moment when you receive an unwanted notice from the IRS informing you that there has been an issue with your tax return, and it can become unbearable when those issues result in tax litigation. You might be surprised to learn that there is a significant amount of both criminal and civil […]

Avoid These Top 5 Tax-Filing Mistakes

Tax litigation is a term used to describe resolving tax disputes with local, state, federal, and foreign tax authorities. Litigation arises when there is a tax controversy which may involve an individual, a business (both for-profit and not-for-profit), an estate or a trust. With tax season in the United States in full swing, it is […]

Recklessly Providing False Info to the IRS Could Cost You a Tax Credit

Last month, the IRS finalized regulations that sought, among other things, to reduce the chances that a person would recklessly provide inaccurate financial information to a Health Exchange. According to the new regulation, a person who qualifies for a tax credit, will no longer qualify for the credit if they recklessly provided false information to […]

Charitable Contributions Are Being Scrutinized by IRS

In recent months, it has come to the attention of the Department of the Treasury and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) that certain individuals, called promoters, have been falsely stating to taxpayers that they could make charitable contributions of conservation easements in exchange for tax deductions in excess of the amount of the contribution. These […]

Priest’s Guilty Plea to Tax Evasion Shows Dangers of Not Knowing Your Rights

No one is above the law when it comes to paying taxes, as Father Hien Minh Nguyen, 56, discovered. A priest for the Roman Catholic Diocese of San Jose, Father Nguyen pled guilty to four counts of tax evasion following an Internal Revenue Criminal Investigation interview late this summer. Witness Becomes Target Father Nguyen’s admittance […]

How to Prepare for a Tax Audit

There can be nothing more unsettling than receiving a letter from the Internal Revenue Service claiming that the past years taxes are being audited. While auditing is a common practice and affects many Americans each year, it can be unnerving to think that a stranger is digging into personal finances and documents in order to […]

Preparing for Tax Court

Most taxpayers do not realize that in a battle with the IRS, they will find themselves in a specialized court. This is called “U.S. Tax Court” and it operates differently then the criminal or civil courts in the United States. U.S. Tax Court is federal law, and the head tax court is in Washington, DC. […]

Five Common IRS Legal Issues Facing Taxpayers Today

There are many reasons why an individual may find himself in the United States Tax Court, ranging from individuals who failed to document their expenses, to individuals who failed to report their income. Here are some of the most common types of legal issues that are found in Tax Court. Underpayments The IRS typically imposes […]

Settlement in Mr. Wyly’s Tax Litigation Case Reveals Dangers of Offshore Trusts

Sam Wyly, a businessman who founded Sterling Software in the 80s and who held an interest in the retail chain Michael’s, recently entered into a settlement regarding profits that he had allegedly made in offshore trusts. According to the settlement agreement that was approved by U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Barbara Houser in Dallas, Texas, Mr. Wyly […]